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Cromwell Exterior
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Located in the heart of Old Austin, this classic Pemberton Heights home recently underwent a complete renovation to add modern additions while retaining its historic charm. Architect Rodney Palmer set the creative direction by preserving the original home's facade while accentuating its classic character with contemporary and modern elements. Recently purchased by designer Glynis Wood, of Glynis Wood Interiors, the home was especially personal to the design team. Having a long history of collaborating with Glynis, Rodney was able to hone in on exactly how she envisioned her dream home and how to transform the home architecturally to showcase a clear depiction of both classic and modern styles. Their overall goal was to meld the old with the new without losing the character and history already established. While much of the original flooring from 1938 was preserved in the design, as well as the old Austin limestone and the original roof, the interiors were completely updated. The exterior, however, remained almost entirely authentic with the exception of the master suite addition and architectural metal pop-outs throughout. One of the more modern, eye-catching elements of the home is a clear glass box vestibule leading to the master suite addition, a clear demonstration of incorporating old into new with two connecting elements that are physically separate. This home is a great representation of Austin and what draws people to this city. It is a perfect example of the current trend of remodeling an existing home rather than building new. Above all, it is a beautiful demonstration of how you can modernize a dated home, while preserving the character and charm of its historic neighborhood setting.

Photographer: Dror Baldinger

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