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Enfield Residence

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Enfield Front Exterior
Enfield Front Exterior Angle
Enfield Front Elevation Twilight
Enfield Patio Twilight
Enfield Living
Enfield Kitchen
Enfield Living Fireplace
Enfield Kitchen Dining
Enfield Outdoor Living
Enfield Master Bedroom
Enfield Master Bathroom
Enfield Pool

Located in the sought-after Tarrytown neighborhood of Austin, this project, just over 3,000 square feet, maximizes the buildable envelope of a smaller lot, while adhering to stringent city and neighborhood design guidelines. Strategically placing the house footprint between protected mature trees allowed for the classic, sophisticated architectural design to seamlessly merge into the established neighborhood as if the home had been there for decades. The simple material palette of stucco and wood creates a smooth transition from the high tree canopy outside into a calm and relaxing interior program. The elimination of barriers in the open layout of the main living area allows for unobstructed views to the outdoors while maintaining an approachable scale that many clients desire in a custom home. With limited lot parameters, every inch of space was planned to function at full capacity, which developed into a more straightforward and cohesive overall design.

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