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Hidden Oaks Residence

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Hidden Oak Front Entry
Hidden Oak Art Dining
Hidden Oak Dining
Hidden Oak Living Room
Hidden Oak Kitchen
Hidden Oak Family Room
Hidden Oak Guest Bath
Hidden Oak Study
Hidden Oak Stairs
Hidden Oak Play Room
Hidden Oak Media Room
Hidden Oak Lounge Chair
Hidden Oak Master Bedroom
Hidden Oak Master Bath
Hidden Oak Rear Exterior
Hidden Oak Great Room
Hidden Oak Guest Room
Hidden Oak Powder Bath
Hidden Oak Bedroom
Hidden Oak Side Exterior
Hidden Oak Pool
Hidden Oak Entry

The home is a beautiful example of transitional architectural design, balancing traditional elements with modern features. The interior architecture follows the same cues as the exterior: smooth clean lines with subtle gestures of curves and arches. The material selection creates a similar balance with smooth plaster finish complementing warmer wood textures. The large gallery-style walls throughout the house are used to highlight the client's diverse art collection. Client programming called for visually open spaces that were conducive to entertaining, but at the same time afforded for different scales for use and functionality. Many of the open spaces can be configured differently for different uses. The interior and exterior architecture work together to follow the same pattern in creating the simple, lovely transitional balance.

LUXE Interiors + Design Magazine, Jul/Aug 2023 Issue: Hidden Oaks Residence featured on cover and in “Happily Ever After”

Interior Designer: Ashby Collective

Photography by Chase Daniel

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