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La Corte di Pietra

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La Corte di Pietra Front Exterior
Front Exterior Sketch
La Corte di Petra Front Exterior
La Corte di Pietra Entry Tower
Entry Tower Sketch
La Corte di Petra Exterior
La Corte di Petra Courtyard View
La Corte di Petra Courtyard Arch
La Corte di Petra Wine Patio
Wine Courtyard Sketch
La Corte di Pietra Night Patio
La Corte di Petra Night Courtyard
La Corte di Petra Wine Courtyard
La Corte di Pietra Entry
Entry Sketch
La Corte di Petra Kitchen
La Corte di Petra Foyer
La Corte di Petra Living Hallway
La Corte di Petra Hallway
La Corte di Petra Bar
La Corte di Petra courtyard
La Corte di Pietra bedroom
La Corte di Petra Balcony View
La Corte di Petra Outdoor Courtyard
La Corte di Petra Courtyard Stairs
La Corte di Petra Hallway 2
La Corte di Petra Outdoor Living

Inspired by their travels through the Tuscany region of Italy, the clients knew they wanted to recreate this ambiance throughout the design of their home. From the initial meeting with the clients, the home was a true mélange of both the tastes and desires of the owners as well as the architect’s vision. The property’s shape and topography were instrumental to the development of the design. The sloping property allowed for unique paths, sitting areas and views to the house, but also presented the challenge of maintaining all the main living areas on one level. With the exception of two bedrooms, the entire home lives on one level with no steps, but when viewed from the courtyard, seems to be an ever-rising residence wrapped around the trees and the land. The home came together so impeccably due to the collaboration with the client, a conducive property and a shared architectural vision. The overriding design desire from the client mind was achieved inside and out: to create an authentic Tuscan home with a meandering courtyard emulating a charming Italian hillside community, and so became La Corte di Pietra.

Photographer: Andrew Pogue

Client Review:

"We interviewed Bob Wetmore, Cornerstone Architects, based on our realtor and builder recommendations. Our realtor told us "He is the best architect in Austin" and we couldn't agree more. We started with a blank 1.3 acre lot in west Austin. I had never designed a home while my husband had designed and built several. Bob made the process fun and interesting and I learned so much about home design and construction from him. He would take our simple requests and provide suggestions and drawings that were spectacular and so creative. His updates were timely and he was available for meetings as needed. When it's time to downsize to a smaller home, Cornerstone Architects will be my first call." 

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