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Llano Ranch

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Llano Ranch-44-exterior-night
Llano Ranch-21-ranch view
Llano Ranch-22-exterior
Llano Ranch-43-porch-night
Llano Ranch-17-dining-table
Llano Ranch-6-kitchen island dining
Llano Ranch-5-dining room
Llano Ranch-31-family-room
Llano Ranch Office Hallway
Llano Ranch-27-sitting area
Llano Ranch-33-backyard
Llano Ranch-41-back-elevation
Llano Ranch-19-back-porch
Llano Ranch-18-family room-fireplace
Llano Ranch Study
Llano Ranch-2- master
Llano Ranch-3-master bed
Llano Ranch-4-masterbed
Llano Ranch-13-wine-bar
Llano Ranch-7-kitchen table
Llano Ranch-40-back-porch
Llano Ranch-39-master-tub
Llano Ranch-28-foyer
Llano Ranch-30-dining-area
Llano Ranch-26-hall
Llano Ranch-16-hallway
Llano Ranch-1 - property exterior
Llano Ranch-9-porch view
Llano Ranch-12-front view
Llano Ranch-10-porch
Llano Ranch-11-exterior
Llano Ranch-36-bath sink
Llano Ranch-15-foyer
Llano Ranch-32-family-room-table
Llano Ranch-38-bedroom
Llano Ranch-8-front-elevation
Llano Ranch-34-ranch-living
Llano Ranch-23-details
Llano Ranch-35-barn
Llano Ranch-20-barn
Llano Ranch-37-bath
Llano Ranch Wood Detail
Llano Ranch-25-car port

Set on a beautiful piece of property in Llano, Texas, this ranch home is the perfect blend of modern luxury and rustic charm. The use of raked joint stone, rusted steel, and reclaimed lumber throughout gives a sense of history to the project while at the same time using clean lines and modern appliances to provide spaces that compliment and function well within today’s living standards. The Ranch house’s primary purpose is family and other friendly gatherings. Therefore, the goal of the design was to provide large informal spaces that would have plenty of room to accommodate large groups but at the same time feel comfortable and quaint. Large volume ceilings were used to make the spaces feel “roomy” while warm materials and well scaled furniture groupings brought a sense of intimacy.

LUXE Interiors + Design Magazine, Winter 2015 Issue: Llano Ranch featured on cover and in “Natural Beauty”

Cowboys & Indians Magazine, February/March 2021 Issue: Llano Ranch featured in “Working the Room”

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