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A look back at Cornerstone Olympics

The CORNERSTONE Olympics! In the spirit of the 2012 Summer Olympics, we decided to create our own inner-office Olympiad. We set out for Bull Creek Park in 100+ degree weather, and with four teams of four, competed against each other in events including a three-legged race, wheel barrow, hula hoop, and dizzy bat relays, tug-of-war, soapy water balloon toss, pantyhose ball knockdown, water gun target shooting, and my personal favorite...melt-this-chunk-of-ice-with-your-hot-self race! We had a great time, (the flute music was delightful, as was the surprise appearance by the Red Bull girls), and unbelievably, we only ended up with one injury (sorry Ranjit)! Impressively, though, the Chinchillin' team took home the coveted yellow (gold) medal! The Fighting Squirrel Nuts earned a respectable green (silver) medal, while the Believers of Unicorn Parts barely beat out the Platypus Initiative for the we-are-officially-not-the-losing-team pink (bronze) medal! Obviously, the training for the 2016 games begins now...



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