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Architects and Axes!

Updated: May 20, 2019

Earlier this month, we decided to test our skills as an office at some friendly, competitive axe throwing! We shared in a delicious Rudy's lunch, and then headed over to Urban Axes. Because we never do team building without teams, we were divided up into four themed (of course) axe throwing teams. There were the "Bad Axes", the biker gang team who intimidated the rest of us with their unified, black vest ensembles and hard core tattoos.

Next were the "Totally Axellent" team, who looked they stepped out of a brat pack John Hughes film in all their 80's glory.

Then there were the "All My Axes Live in Texas" group, who did their best go country with those red bandannas.

Last but not least, there were the very special members of "Random Axe of Kindness". They channeled their inner Lisa Frank to become magical rainbow and unicorn creatures. Perfect for axe throwing, right?

After receiving some one-on-one training with our awesome coaches, the round robin rounds began to determine how each player would be seeded into the final tournament. Based on these round robin rounds, we determined an overall team winner based on taking an average of each group's individual player's scores. It was "Totally Axellent" who came out on top!

However, when it came time for the formal tournament, it was every man (or woman, or unicorn) for themselves. Our coaches put together two brackets that competed simultaneously in four throwing lanes. After some intense battles, we were left with the final two. Marvin and Cole would be moving on to the final round to determine who would be the Cornerstone Axe Throwing Champion of 2019.

The final championship round turned out to be quite the nail-biter! In the best two out of three, it came down to a final third round of winner take all. In the end, it was Cole who earned the title of Cornerstone Champion Axe Thrower and received the coveted Axe Loofah medallion.

Other notable awards included Best Dressed Team for the "Bad Axes", Worst Team went to "Random Axe of Kindness" who had the lowest overall scores. And finally, the MSP (Most Spirited Player) medallion went to our brave intern Wayne, who kept a positive attitude and generated the most amusement among our group in his unforgettable rainbow onesie!

As you can see, we had an awesome time at Urban Axes and can now all add an interesting skill to our already impressive résumés. With that said, if you are currently looking for talented architects that are also highly prepared for combat in potential zombie apocalypse, give us a call at 512-329-0007!



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