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Cornerstone Architects Featured on Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid

Cornerstone Architects was recently featured on Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid. This educational, documentary-style series is a great tool that we now use to share our architectural design process with potential clients as well as other aspiring architects.

The goal of the Viewpoint series is to enlighten the audience by delivering diverse informational and educational documentaries covering a variety of issues and topics. Viewpoint's creative team, along with host Dennis Quaid, aims to educate the audience by providing innovative and unique content featuring the world's most influential organizations and individuals. With an established presence and over 30 years of experience in the field, Cornerstone Architects collaborated with Viewpoint as an industry expert in their Architecture & Design Series.

Production for the documentary took place at two separate filming locations, our Lake Austin Residence as well as our Wallis Residence. Our clients generously opened up their homes for the better part of the day to let the Viewpoint film crew take over.

Each of these projects provided an engaging backdrop for partners Mark Carlson, Bob Wetmore, Rodney Palmer, and Ranjit Gupta to discuss architectural design and address the importance of technology used in the design process.

The Viewpoint series is dedicated to the mission of developing and distributing social and educational programming about our neighbors, our community, and the world. Cornerstone's segment succeeds in educating anyone who wants to understand the value of using an architect and our process of listening, allocating resources, and creating design that will be unique to each client, each unique site, and down to each space, while taking into consideration sustainability and value.


Viewpoint airs on public television and is also broadcasted as commercial news breaks on several national networks. If you haven't caught the feature on television yet, you can watch it here. To learn more about Cornerstone Architects and our design process, please contact us at 512-329-0007 today!


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