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Cornerstone Architects Summer Vacations 2019

Haven't seen a Cornerstone Architects blog post in awhile?? That's probably because we've all been out doing awesome summer things with friends and family! Here's a snapshot of a few of the adventures we've had over the last couple of months...enjoy!


Mark Carlson: Los Olivos California, wine country region northwest of Santa Barbara

...and Telluride, Colorado!


Bob Wetmore: Bike riding in Seaside, Florida!


Kelsey Ratliff: This year, Cody and I decided to adventure around some of our wonderful country we hadn’t seen yet.

We got to see the Grand Canyon, stay in a Tipi at Monument Valley, ride horses through Zion National Park, and see Antelope Canyon. Almost everything we saw looked like a painting!

Jeremy Koomler: Had a great time swimming and at parks in Orlando! Universal and Disney World, then on to eating seafood, fishing, and son’s birthday celebration in Siesta Key!


Marvin Bonilla: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

A restful weekend full of sun, sand, hills, and salt water with my best friend.

Brian McLaury: Cruise to the Western Caribbean: Belize, Roatan, and Cozumel.

Daniel and I in San Antonio after picking him up from band camp...

...and relaxing in the pool at midnight!


Annalee Martino: Another summer of family, friends, and fun in Port Aransas, Texas!


So long sweet summer...until next year!!!



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