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Inventive Office Space, Short Commute: Office 49

Kirby Walls is a husband, father, custom home builder, and Dripping Springs resident. Dripping Springs, along with the other cities that make up Hays County, are continuing to grow at a faster annual rate than the Austin area. Thanks to Dripping Springs’ growth projections and the desire for a short office commute, Kirby has now added ‘unique work space provider’ to his repertoire.

Dealing with traffic driving east on Highway 290 day after day and seeing new building pads pop up weekly, Kirby decided to snatch up a piece of property. He wanted to create a one-of-a-kind office space for individuals and business owners who have tired of commuting from Dripping Springs to Austin. Thus, the idea for Office 49 was born!

"I recently came across an opportunity to purchase a commercial property where my vision needed reality and, Cornerstone stepped up to the plate. They listened to my ideas, worked within my budget, introduced me to very helpful consultants and provided all the support needed to facilitate my dream project." Kirby Walls, Kirby Walls Custom Builders

Office 49 is a modern office destination comprised of 10 office cabins, a combination of a small single design and a larger double design, that share a common meeting/event/lounge space. Like many hill country sites, there is significant elevation change which allows for amazing views for all the cabins, with fully accessible pathways and a dynamic view to the facility from Highway 290. Working with the team at Sunland Group was key throughout the site development phase.

Cornerstone has really enjoyed collaborating with Kirby on this unique project. It is always exciting to have clients with the inclination to think outside the box from building program down to construction details. For instance, Kirby’s beautiful 1949 Ford truck has been a major driver for much of the design. The truck was the inspiration behind the project’s name and logo, and it will be permanently displayed in the Commons Building as the company’s icon.

For more information, or to reserve your cabin at Office 49, please visit or contact Kirby Walls at 512-466-5774 or Whether you are interested in developing a unique office space, or a more standard office or retail shell building, please contact Rodney Palmer or Jeremy Koomler at 512-329-0007 to discuss your project!



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