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Modern in the Madrones

Maximizing light and the natural beauty of this site were key elements driving the design for this modern Westlake home. Lead architect, Rodney Palmer worked together with Glynis Wood Interiors and The Muskin Company to create a bold, clean design inside and out.

The expansive living space takes the inside out with a massive sliding glass door extending the entertainment area outdoors and yielding ample natural lighting. The outdoor living space is complete with solar screens, sound system, and heaters for year round enjoyment. This configurable design, set among a backdrop of trees along a creek, creates a secluded tree house ambiance.

Having a passion for cooking, the clients really wanted a cook’s kitchen. They wanted modern, but not cold and they wanted the kitchen to be a unique, bold centerpiece in the home. German-made Leicht cabinetry by Arete Kitchens was used throughout the space. The chic cabinetry along with the island’s solid, geometric massing contributes to an overall monolithic kitchen design. Dark kitchens can work really well with the right lighting and adjacent materials. Once the clients decided on a dark kitchen, the design was accommodated by enlarging the kitchen window to add light, while staying with a dark backsplash kept the monolithic feel of the space. Utilizing a limited materials palette helped to achieve this clean, sophisticated design throughout the overall space and succeeds in visually anchoring the home’s entertaining area.

In order to fully integrate the design concept and materials of the kitchen through to the living area, the kitchen cabinets at the bar area were designed to wrap into the stairs.

Sleek landscaping and terracing patios complement the home and add additional intimate spaces.

Carefully crafted views from large windows throughout the home provide complete privacy from neighbors while taking advantage of the natural surroundings. An intricate blending of interior selections accentuates the architectural style and openness of the plan.

The home uses modern elements and materials to emphasize the beauty and light of its setting while maintaining a private retreat for the homeowners.

Check out our Madrones Residence project gallery to see all photos of the home!

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