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Rosewood Front Exterior
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Rosewood Living
Rosewood Kitchen
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Rosewood Master Bedroom
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Rosewood Guest Bath

This project began with an existing dilapidated house in Central East Austin next to an empty lot and an old Baptist church. The City of Austin determined that the home was not historic and could, therefore, be removed. With a great location within walking distance to popular downtown restaurants and bars, it was imperative to capitalize on the site’s downtown views. The design also needed to respect the low scale style of the neighboring historic homes. The resulting program created a “C” shaped hill country style house with a landscaped courtyard and pool in the middle. This allowed for views to the exterior backyard throughout the home with walls of glass windows and doors for easy access. The owner, being an accomplished chef, often navigates from the interior kitchen to the exterior grill. A roof deck and mini bar on the third level captures a stunning view of downtown. The design incorporates the use of a variety of natural materials. The living room and kitchen ceilings are sinker cypress, which is dug up from creek beds that have been known to lay on the floors of local creeks for hundreds of years. The ceiling in the master bedroom is made from old whiskey barrels, still with a hint of whiskey when installed, while a natural grass cloth covers the bedroom walls. Natural white oak wood cabinets compliment a black matte granite in the kitchen. The design team collaboration resulted in a comfortable, unique, and relaxing home near the heart of downtown.

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