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West Ridge Gym Exterior
West Ridge Gym Interior Open Door
West Ridge Gym Interior Open
West Ridge Gym Exterior Angle
West Ridge Gym Exterior Night
West Ridge Gym Exterior Landscaping
West Ridge Gym Stairs
West Ridge Gym Exterior Side View
West Ridge Gym Exterior Twilight
West Ridge Gym Exterior Overall
West Ridge Gym Interior
West Ridge Gym Interior View
West Ridge Gym Interior Angle
West Ridge Gym Exterior
West Ridge Tennis Cabana
West Ridge Closet
West Ridge Closet Vanity
West Ridge Closet Display
West Ridge Closet Sitting
West Ridge Closet Shoe Display
West Ridge Closet Hallway to Gym
West Ridge Closet Vanity Detail
West Ridge Closet Hers
West Ridge Closet His
West Ridge Closet Cabinetry Detail
West Ridge Closet Cabinetry
West Ridge Closet Handbag Display
West Ridge Closet Accessories
West Ridge Closet Vanity Lighting

West Ridge Gym

The design for this modern, glass gym addition was driven by the goal to maximize the views of the beautiful seven acre property, and allow the clients to be surrounded by nature while working out. Another key objective was to match the context of the existing traditional exterior of the home while incorporating a sleek, modern addition. Access to the 650 square foot gym begins through a hallway and up a small set of steps from the newly remodeled master closet. A narrow glass hallway and stone mass then leads to the gym, which opens up on three sides with massive floor to ceiling windows and doors. Each of the 24-foot wide doors along the sides pocket into the stone mass leaving an unobstructed view to the hill country beyond.


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Luxe Red Award Winner

Austin Home Magazine Home & Design Award Winner: Specialty Room

West Ridge Master Closet

The overall design objective for this master closet renovation was to expand the space in order to store and display the clients’ extensive collection of high end clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories. An additional 236 square feet were added to the existing closet amounting to 450 linear feet of storage space, which incorporates a combination of cabinetry, shelving and lighted glass displays. The design and material selections work together to differentiate His side, with dark stain walnut cabinetry and masculine appeal, from the glossy black glamour of Her side. Access from the master closet to the sleek, modern gym addition was designed with a narrow glass hallway and stone mass connecting the two spaces.

Austin Home Magazine Home & Design Award Winner: Closet

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