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Cornerstone Architects Summer Vacations 2018

As Summer draws to a close, we are already reminiscing on our vacation time over the past few months. Whether far or near, it's always great to share our travel stories with each other when we get back to the office. This year, we thought it would be fun to share some of our adventures here!


Cole Machalek: Eames Case Study #8 House from my weekend vacation to LA.

The house is actually in Santa Monica but I had enough time to break away from the group to go see this on my own. Two things, they’re a lot smaller in person and it has an amazing view of the ocean from the property which you never get to see in professional pictures.

Read more about the Eames House here!


Amanda Swetman: Weekend trip backpacking and hiking through Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe!


Jimena Cruz: Aruba - A happy island, in the Caribbean, next to my home country, Venezuela.

Beautiful white sand, clear blue warm water and the most spectacular sunsets. All that, in company of my beloved family, makes the perfect vacation.

Jeremy Koomler: My favorite this summer was 24 hour anniversary getaway to Horseshoe Bay Resort with my lady and a quick Dino Burger at Pecan Grove before picking up the kids!


Marvin Bonilla: A few (G-rated) images from our summer. From NYC to Gulf coast.


Mark Carlson:

We hit 5 wineries in Sonoma Valley and 3 breweries in Bend, Oregon!

Nick swimming at the Nationals in Irvine, competing in the 100 & 200 meter freestyles.

Redwood Forest NP Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world -- over 379 feet tall!

Grand old National Park Lodge built 1915, Crater Lake was the 4th National Park. Our family traveled to 5 National Parks in Northern California and Oregon. Lava Beds NP, Lassen Volcano, Point Reyes NP, Redwood Forest and Crater Lake NP.


Cassidy Coons: My mom and I went to Santa Fe, New Mexico this summer and while we were there we took a short scenic drive to Chimayo, New Mexico.

Right outside this town there’s an adobe church that is famous for the holy dirt inside the chapel. Rumor is that the dirt has healing properties. Unwell people will come visit this church and take some of the dirt with them in hopes to be healed. This has been happening long before the Spaniards came to this region. The spot was known as a healing sanctuary for Pueblo Indians. It was actually hot springs at that time in history but it dried up long ago. It was beautiful seeing the belief and faith people have in this story while visiting this church.

Will Washer: Florida!


Brian McLaury: While taking my son to band camp in Canyon, TX this year we got to visit the Cadillac Ranch and see the Palo Duro Canyon.

As a kid I visited Pikes Peak, but due to the elevation I got sick and don’t really remember it, This time we made it with no problems.


Annalee Martino: We made a few trips to Port Aransas, our home away from home! Nothing better than surf camp, sandcastles and sun!


Steve Hosek: Hosek Family cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel!!!



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