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Hill Country Home Sneak Peek

We are getting a lot of love lately for this home in Spanish Oaks! This soft contemporary home was uniquely designed to evoke a coastal design feeling while maintaining a Hill Country style native to its environment. The final design resulted in a beautifully minimalistic, transparent, and inviting home. The light exterior stucco paired with geometric forms and contemporary details such as galvanized brackets, frameless glass and linear railings achieves the precise coastal contemporary look the clients desired. The open floor plan visually connects multiple rooms to each other, creating a seamless flow from the formal living, kitchen and family rooms and ties the upper floor to the lower. This transparent theme even begins at the front door and extends all the way through to the exterior porches and views beyond via large frameless glazing. The overall design is kept basic in form, allowing the architecture to shine through in the detailing. The project will be featured in an an editorial piece in LUXE Interiors + Design Magazine, as well as an upcoming Houzz Tour article!

Built by Olympia Homes Interior Design by Joy Kling



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