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Your Garage, Your Story: Mark Carlson's Multipurpose Space

The basics: This 14-foot-by-36-foot garage is just west of Austin.

Mission: The space, which includes an attic, is used for storing cars and seasonal items, working out, entertainment and projects and as a greenhouse for part of the year.

The project: As an architect, Mark Carlson oversaw construction and hired all the subcontractors for the two-month project. To address the need to access the attic weekly but work with the long, slender space, Carlson designed a fully raiseable fixed staircase. The garage also has French patio doors at the back. The walls are made of greenboard drywall with a 12-inch tile base on a multicolored epoxy floor, making the space easy to hose down.

What's inside: Two ceiling fans, a storage shelf, outdoor plants during the winter, a pingpong table during the summer.

Vehicles: A 2003 Jaguar S-Type R and a 1998 Jeep Wranger.

Reactions: Neighbors often comment that the garage does not look like an addition. It was, in fact, intended to blend into the original design of the home.

Future plans: The garage will be the site of a high school graduation party for Carlson's daughter and friends, offering flow to the backyard, outdoor kitchen and pool.



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