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Cornerstone Architects' Hidden Oaks Residence featured in Luxe Interiors + Design!

Pick up the current July/August issue of Luxe Interiors + Design to see the stunning editorial feature of our Hidden Oaks Residence on the cover and in "Happily Ever After".

The stunning home hidden among the trees uniquely balances traditional forms with contemporary lines. The entry presents fragmented views of the façade as these trees veil the architecture, while the clean, geometric forms appear only as you get closer. Project architect, Ranjit Gupta, worked closely with the design team at Ashby Collective, bringing the exterior and interior architecture together to follow the same pattern in creating the simple, lovely transitional balance.

The large gallery-style walls throughout the house are used to highlight the client's diverse art collection. The design team was inspired by the client's love of bright, bold colors and incorporated refined hues and modern silhouettes to compliment the vibrant works of art in the light-filled rooms. The intention with the design was to have fun while keeping it sophisticated.

The home is a beautiful example of transitional architectural design, with the use of traditional elements such as dominant gables and pitched roof forms suffused with modern parapet walls and low flat sheds. The interior architecture follows the same cues as the exterior: smooth clean lines with subtle gestures of curves and arches. The material selection creates a similar balance with smooth plaster finish complementing warmer wood textures.


If you are inspired by this home or others in our portfolio, we would love to work with you on your next project! Contact us today at 512-329-0007 or for more information on our process!


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